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Taurus Raging Bull .44 Magnum Review

Written By: admin - Apr• 27•11

Picture of Taurus Raging Bull .44mag


The Raging Bull is a family of large caliber revolvers made by the well-known Brazilian gun company, Taurus. This revolver is available in .41/.44 magnum, as well as the ludicrously behemoth .454 Casull round.

I bought my Raging Bull at my favourite gun store here in Edmonton, Alberta, for a nifty price of $700 CDN. It is a .44 Magnum (Model 444), has a 6.5” barrel, and has the blued finish.

Upon setting your eyes upon this gun, you will immediately feel the urge to go punch a water buffalo straight between the eyes. The guns large, rectangular barrel and brutish yet sophisticated frame emanate an aura of power and intimidation. The gun weighs in at a hefty 53 oz. and the black rubber grips help it sit comfortably in your hands, although folk with smaller hands might find it a bit awkward to handle. The blued finish is beautiful, the dark polished steel giving it a more menacing look than the stainless steel finish, with the only downside being fingerprints and oils are more visible.

Upon firing the Bull, I was surprised that the recoil was not as heavy as I expected. This can probably be attributed to the weight of the gun, as well as the excellent porting that the barrel has. I was able to fire accurate groupings of about 2” at 20 yards, although the recoil is still significant enough to give you slight muscle soreness in your arms and shoulder.

The gun comes with a life time no questions asked warranty from Taurus, and I have heard very good things about their customer service.

All in all, this is a great looking and shooting gun, at a decent price. If you can afford the large caliber ammo, or just want to feel like a Vin Diesel in a giant mech suit of ass-kicking, then pick this revolver up and you will definitely get your moneys worth.

Image of Taurus Raging Bull 44mag

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  1. cliff says:

    Reading the article about the Raging Bull, I noticed that you’re in the Edmonton area. I’m in the area as well, and was wondering what shop you went to? I noticed that you remarked it was your favourite Edmonton area shop, but didn’t see which one? Is there any specific reason why you like that shop? I’m also very interested in the model 454, do they usually have one or two in stock? Thanks,


    • Neil says:


      Thanks for posting. The shop i am referring to is P&D Enterprises, on 115 street and 105 ave.

      They have a huge selection of used and new items, as well as a friendly and helpful staff.

      I do not know if they have any .454’s in stuck you will have to check their inventory or ask if they can order one in for you.



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